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Dr. Kamal Obeid – the Chairman of Sudanese negotiation delegation in Addis Ababa talks:  if the other part desires in sitting for negotiation, they will abide to be free from any foreign links politically or military, we told them by explicit words that we will never negotiate with offic (Details)
 NCP Leaders sayings
The President of the Republic and Chairman of the National Congress Party - Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir: the peace process exposed to examinations and challenges, but we overcame them by hardihood and insistence to implementation of what has been agreed upon seeking for prosperity and stability of Sudan  (Details)
 Press Review
Mubarak Abu-Aldahab:  fulfillment of the peace agreement merits; followed the referendum in which the southerners have opted Secession instead of Unity to set up their independent country. There have a lot of changeable o (Details)
 Site writers
Dr. Amin Hassan Omer: Required Security: Darfur's people by all its components explained that the first required is return the normal life; by laying down the weapons, solidifying the security, resorting stability to offer services intensiv (Details)
 Faces from NCP
 Name: Yassir Yousif Ibrahim
Date of birth: 1975
University: University of Khartoum faculty of law
-bar association exam
-journalism registration exam
Training courses:
-English language cour (Details)
 Official of Darfur file: Dr. Ghazi Salaheldin the presidential advisor and official of Darfur file demanded SPLM to stop aggression acts, and raise it hand on Darfur Issue. He stressed that the SPLM s (Details)

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